Always Fighting for the Love of My Life

Edward J. Demyan; Pancreatic Cancer Victim; Supported and written by MaryKaye Mackulin, who loved him.
RIP my sweet man ... 1963 - 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The battle has ended and now he can rest without pain. Thank you to all who have been reading and praying for us along this tragic journey.

My heart is so completely broken right now that updating you all on the events of the last 9 days would be too entirely exhausting.

Know this, he went away very peacefully and had no pain the fast few days.

I am forever changed both good and bad because of this experience. I am the luckies gal on this planet, he picked me to go along for the ride, and believe you me, he could have anyone he wanted. He was THAT special.


  1. MK: I am so very sorry. I will keep you, and all of Ed's family and friends in my prayers. I am praying for peace, understanding, and comfort for all of you.

  2. Mary Kaye,

    I've been following your blog for some time, and have been continually impressed with the way you and Ed faced this battle together. Neither of you ever gave up on living the life you had, and that speaks to who you are as an individual, and who you were together.

    I'm thinking of you.

    Rita Schwab


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