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Edward J. Demyan; Pancreatic Cancer Victim; Supported and written by MaryKaye Mackulin, who loved him.
RIP my sweet man ... 1963 - 2011

Friday, July 2, 2010

Round 2 Has Begun

Ed received his first chemo treatment for Round 2... Ugh... 3 p.m. appointment and they didn't hang his drip until about 5:30 p.m. It is already so stressful and the additional waiting just turns me into a monster, I swear, I'm like Shirley MacLaine in Terms of Endearment.... "Get My Boyfriend A Blanket - He's Cold". But it went well and Ed was tired but feeling fairly well. Today, the day after, is always difficult. He of course didn't sleep much, so hopefully he'll only pull a half day of work and come home and rest.

We went for some dinner after chemo then got to visit a little with my cousin Lisa & her Fiance, Mark, who are home for the holiday weekend.... Yeah. Oh, and Jassmine their entirely sweet pitbull whom I've fallen in love with. We Love when my cousins come home from Charlotte and Atlanta... Dan will be home today :)~ My family is completely awesome and I could not have hand picked a better family if I had the choice. Oh, and same for our incredibly wonderful and supportive friends - You All Rock!

We continue to pray for our miracle but try to remain realistic as well. Ed is a much loved man and I continue to remind God on a daily basis that we need him on earth for a very long time.

Happy and Safe 4th of July everyone! Hope your weekend will be filled with love and joy... I know ours will! xo xo xo MK & Ed

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