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Friday, July 9, 2010

Round 2 / Drip 2 / 7-9-10

Well, after a mini-vacation to Hershey,Pennsylvania (*cough* Steelers Suck *cough*)we had chemo today (Friday a.m.)... Emily was a god-send, she stuck Ed in a blink of an eye - Chemo Bag was hung pronto and his labs were all very good! He is not currently taking his "chemo" pill due to a bad reaction (doc thinks he may have an allergy to that med)... He was feeling good afterward and we had a nice lunch. Hopefully he is sleeping NOW. Sleep is still not something he gets nearly enough of.

He will start a new prescription-chemo-pill later this week, 1/2 the dosage and hoping for no reactions. His CA19-9 (tumor maker) dropped to 5,000 (it was originally at 28,350 just 6 short weeks ago... this gives us much hope, but is still a HUGE number... However, this feels like a victory in our battle. It made the ride home quite a happy event as everyone's mood was much lifted by this news yesterday.

Hershey is a great little park! Two days in record breaking heat, thank goodness they now have a water park area. We would never have survived all day without swimming in the mid afternoon, then back to the rides! No "huge" coasters, but some really fun ones... Also a good park for the non-riders in our group. For Ed and I this was fantastic - we had never done theme-parks together before and we have done Cedar Point & Hershey this summer! It is the summer of the Coasters!

Will keep you all posted as we continue to move forward in our battle.

Don't forget Know it. Fight it. End it. It is the silent killer and needs to be pushed to the forefront of research! Do what you can - even if it is just sending a letter to your state representatives - the website can show you how.

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