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Edward J. Demyan; Pancreatic Cancer Victim; Supported and written by MaryKaye Mackulin, who loved him.
RIP my sweet man ... 1963 - 2011

Monday, June 25, 2012

In D.C. Overwhelmed & Scared for tomorrow

I don't have a lot of time - I needed to do some work in the business center here at the hotel...  Just wanted to remind you all:

Join thousands on June 26, 2012 and tell your members of Congress that they must pass the Pancreatic Cancer Research & Education Act this year! Sign –up now for the National Call-in!

I will be on the hill that day - your call helps to support the people that are there in person and to reassure our nations leaders that we are serious about making a change - and we need their help!  Every Single Call Matters - 10 minutes of your day can help change the future for thousands of people!  DO IT!

We are about 684 Strong Here in D.C. - We have Spent the day in Educational Meetings - We got to meet the 15 yr. old genius who may one day change the face of cancer - We got to hear our Ambassador of Hope, Lisa Niami Swayze, give us a quick pep-talk - We are scared and nervous - and we will hit the hill hard tomorrow!

PLEASE back us up and call in - it's super easy and will help make the impact so much stronger than the almost 700 of us in person can make!

I have cried more today than I have in so long - it's been so incredibly emotional - every personal story touches my heart and makes me weep like a small child.  It's embarrassing - but I am surrounded by hundreds of people who have walked in these shoes and are determined to change the future of this disease! - Together we are Strong!

Love to you all - Peace!  MK

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