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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MetroHealth electrophysiologist Rosenbaum passes away

Another brilliant Cleveland Physician lost to Pancreatic Cancer.  When Steve Jobs and someone who studied at Harvard can't fight this disease, how can any of us really.

MetroHealth electrophysiologist Rosenbaum passes away

What is it truly going to take to wake up the government here in the US, and, the rest of the world. 

How many have to die in a single year to make it worth paying attention to.  I guarantee you if a President or his wife was diagnosed with PC - maybe then something would change?

40 Years With No Change ....

4 0   Y E A R S  ...  W I T H   ...  N O ... 
C H A N G E .... 

After losing someone I considered a friend this week (a 49 year old ANGEL, Wife and Mother), I am pretty raw emotionally...  this story just kind of set me off.

When brilliant minds with loads of cash can't win the battle what real hope does that leave the rest of us normal schmucks, seriously?! 

I think I'm going to file a law suite against the NCI for ignoring our disease...  I mean, is legal action all anyone understands anymore - I am so frustrated on this day, so frustrated.

So Please - won't you help us raise money to fund research and support the patients/families/caregivers fighting this nightmare of a disease?! - pick a team - any team - I don't really care - just get involved or make a donation.

Next post will be happier, I promise!  Peace - MK

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