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RIP my sweet man ... 1963 - 2011

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bad Day, just a Bad Day!

I had one of the worst days imaginable on Thursday;  Started with 2 data-bases at work - not "working" - so it made it really difficult for me to "work" .... Frustrating beyond belief.  But, first 9 hours of the day - done, time to move on to the the after work activities and should be smooth sailing............  never assume.

Earlier in the day I was excited because I received notification that Ed's cell will finally be disconnected.  However, T-Mobile cannot follow the simplest of instructions (yet again) to turn off Ed's phone / leave mine on and put the bill in my name....  I would appreciate comments regarding the difficulty of this...  If you all understand the following instructions, I'd appreciate you letting me know, cause it seems fairly simple to me?!...  I could not have spelled it out any more clearly - AND this was per T-Mobile's instructions I might add:

1) Turn Off Phone # (216) 555.5555 - person connected to phone deceased - see attached death certificate and obituary!
2) Put Bill in the name of ME
3) DO NOT mess with Phone # (440) 555.5555

(O.K., let's face it - I worded my fax a bit more professionally - but really it WAS that clear and simple)

Of Course, they turned off MY phone - and left Ed's on...  last time I dealt with T-Mobile, right after Ed passed, they gave his number a new 2 year plan - my dead fiance' had a new 2 year contract... I just wanted his phone "on" for at least 6 months so I could make sure all creditors & what-not could be directed to his estate attorney...  What a nightmare.  They did, however, manage to get the bill to my address so I could continue to pay it.....  funny how when it came to the money they were right on!

So, I leave work - can't call the Kid cause I realize half way home that MY phone is turned off - rush to pick her up to get her to a Doctors appointment at 5 p.m. - get to the Dr.'s office and practically throw her out of the car so I can speed off to the T-Mobile store in my community...  all so annoying...  Anyway, Happy ending (oh, that sounds dirty)!   WITH A HUGE Shout Out to the T-Mobile Store in Strongsville Ohio for working with your own customer service people, getting my phone turned back on and finally disconnecting Ed's phone...   It was bitter-sweet....  On one hand, it's another thing "done" - On the other hand - it's another thing "done".   So now I guess I have to take his number out of my phone - this makes me cry...  I don't know why - it just does.

Next, pick up Kid from Doctors office and have to zoom home to change for a soccer tourny game...  Then, the Kid says, my friend needs to eat some dinner - grrrrr  (because of course we had to have a witness to all this madness) - o.k., But - I have a conference call at 6:30 p.m. with California and my sweet new friend Sarah to discuss a Radio interview we are getting ready to tape for WDOK in about 10 days...  But, hey, I figure - I can let the Kid drive - she passed her class, has had her temps for 6 months - it's all good - She'll drive and I'll have my phone conference in the car - this should work, right!  Um, NO... after we pull into Sheets for a very healthy dinner for the Kid's friend - the Kid decides that it would be a GREAT idea to pull out into traffic - not cutting off 1 car - but crossing two lanes & cutting off 2 cars... needless to say the folks on my conference call received quite an ear full...  I got off the conference call immediately and was just happy to get to the fields!  Time to sit outside & watch some soccer & study my Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Facts - and it was beautiful outside!  The soccer game was WON - and the Kid won't be driving me again for a while...   Finally got home about 9 p.m. at night - and instead of dinner - I drank 3 beers. 

The End.  Happy, Safe Memorial Day Weekend - Hug a Vet - they make our life style possible!


  1. I hope you don't take this the wrong but this made me laugh. Life is messy, grab a beer. :) hang in there sista!

  2. One day at a time! You too Michelle...


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