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Edward J. Demyan; Pancreatic Cancer Victim; Supported and written by MaryKaye Mackulin, who loved him.
RIP my sweet man ... 1963 - 2011

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Opening Day And Shocker Tour '11

Ah, Opening Day for the Cleveland Indians...  

How happy would my sweet Edward James be today...  He had this awesome way of saying that Football was his favorite sport/season, that was, right up until Baseball season rolled around...  he really was equally happy about both.  He followed football much closer but he loved the weather that came with baseball season...  AND, He did love his Tribe! He loved sitting at a game having the sun beat down on him.  He was old school - no sunscreen, he'd say... "gotta get a good base burn going so I can tan better" ...  I would argue with him endlessly about sunscreen when he would go fishing in the morning out at the cottage.  I mean, even when he was terminal last spring/summer and we knew we were close to the end - I would still harp on him about sunscreen - he would just look at me, shake his head, laugh and walk away with his fishing pole & tackle box...  God I miss him... 

How many Tribe games did we see in our almost 6 years together - hmmm, I'd guess a little more than 15 ...  Not enough, that's for sure.  I will probably try and go to a few games this year because I just love the atmosphere at a game...  You bet I'll be at the Sunday, 8.26.2012 game against the NY Yankee's...  It's going to be an EPIC day at Progressive Field...  Stay Tuned for Details on THAT game!  Let's just say, you'll be seeing a "sea" of purple at the ballpark that afternoon!!!  

I think how Ed would have loved the winter of 2012...  Um, because there wasn't one!  I think of how he would have loved watching the Child play rec basketball this past winter and how he would be excited that her spring Soccer season was ready to start.  I think of how he'd be chompin' at the bit to get out to the cottage and get things ready for a summer of fishing and cocktails by the lake he loved so much...  He'd be all pumped up for a couple trips over to Put-In-Bay...  I think too, how much he would have loved to have been on the trip to Chicago I took two weeks ago for Community Outreach Leadership Training (COLT) for The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network ...  It was inspiring; And moving; And educational; And emotional - I think of how he would have loved being with the other Survivors (and Ed would have fit right in with a couple gent's who had me laughing every time I saw them...)   He would have loved it all...  Did I mention, I miss him.

Here's the thing I've been thinking about as we gear up for PurpleStride Cleveland 2012....  When Ed was sick, he made it abundantly clear that The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, THIS Non-Profit Organization, needed support.  It was his mission to support them until he could not anymore....   Then he made me promise that I would continue his mission when he went away - um, duh - of course!  So, if you are one of the countless people who ever asked Ed, while he was here, "What can I do for You? Please ask"...  I am asking you on behalf of Ed, and all the Pancreatic Cancer victims and patients still fighting, please make a donation to our event - $5, $10 - every single penny will count in finding an early detection tool and a cure for Pancreatic Cancer - !  We Are Ed's All Star Dream Team and we sure could use your support.

Here is my sweet Edward last April - almost exactly one year ago - doing what he loved most (well, almost) - Fishing and being with his friends... who were more than that - they were (and are) his brothers...  To The Boys of Key West and "The Shocker Tour 2011"!  Michael, Rob, Johnny, John, Greg, Greg and Elvis... Your unconditional Love and Support of Edward lives in my heart and you proved that blood doesn't make family - LOVE makes family!

As always,  Peace... MK   Go Tribe!
Michael - the picture above is just for you....  The ones below are for everyone else.

Oh, Sweetie - you can do better...

                                           Oh, Yes, Much better

Ed and his need to take self-portraits - Dear Lord Honey, really??  (Yes, you are ver handsome my love!)

                                                   Hello Monkey! 

Hanging on the balcony...

What is Key West without a trip to Sloppy Joe's...   Sloppy Joe's, Sloppy-Sloppy Joe's!

RIP my Sweet Edward James... Always on my mind, forever in my Heart.  xo

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  1. How was it? I am praying for a successful and clear results with no additional damage at all. I am so inspired in sharing your story to other patient and Cancer treatment center as well. I hope you can update us and share more of your updates. Thanks a lot!


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