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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Week

So, it's the week of Christmas - it's been 4 months and I am doing surprisingly well.  After posting about "letting go", it really makes a big difference.  I think I only cried a few times this week, mostly because of certain Christmas songs.  I know mass will be difficult on Saturday - but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

The kid had another weekend of one basketball game and two soccer games;  She had 2 - three pointers again this week in b-ball, that always gives her a boost in the ol' ego department.  She played tough soccer on Sunday as well.  Her body is paying the price today.  She got nailed pretty good - but she also nailed a few players pretty hard as well.  Really playing some tough defense.  And, a Christmas miracle occurred - she stayed home Sat. all day & night and even watched a movie with me.  Truly a blast from the past.  I guess you could say we are both finding our "new normal".  It was nice to have her home.  She continues to do really well in her new school program and for that I am thankful.  I am surprised about how much drama she still seems to encounter from girls she doesn't ever see anymore - man, ladies, get a life.  Geesh.  She's been so pleasant (I know that typing these words - I'm changing it already).  Well, this could be because she wants awesome Christmas gifts - yeah, like I'd ever really NOT get her awesome gifts.  I rock as Santa. 

Next on the ol' kid agenda will be her temporary license and driving school - UGH.  I am not ready for this.  I'm completely freaking out - I so don't want her to drive.  But, you know, it has to happen.  This is the area where Ed would have been awesome - he's already been through it and he was so calm and rational that he would have been a huge help to her in this capacity.  You know he is just laughing his ass of at me freaking out.  

So, anyway, family coming home from the ATL and Charlotte on Thursday - Yeah.  Charles D. from Los Angeles will also be in town and I will have the honor of delivering Ed's Gibson to him on Friday.  I know this will make both Chuck and Ed happy - it will be in the good hands of his great friend to play from now on.

So, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year - or- Happy Chrismahannakwanzavis - what ever you celebrate, I hope it's great. 


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