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Edward J. Demyan; Pancreatic Cancer Victim; Supported and written by MaryKaye Mackulin, who loved him.
RIP my sweet man ... 1963 - 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sat. 10-1-11 on Put-In-Bay

So, Barbie, Janet and I wake up on a windy Saturday morning on Put-In-Bay, at least it wasn't raining!  We sat in bed and talked for probably three hours before we actually got out of bed & got going - it was like being teenagers.  We laughed so much about the things we've been through and what we are all currently going through.

Our mission for the day - get Ed's ashes (very small amounts mind you) sprinkled in places that he would love!  We did that two times on our walk downtown - great spots!   

We headed out for "brunch" at Mossbacks - Ed's favorite restaurant on the Bay.  I made the girls taste the Cajun spiced Walleye Nuggets that he loved so much - they were awesome, as always.  We couldn't get the booth that Ed proposed in, but we got the one right behind it, close enough.  After lunch we headed over to The Round House (TRH) - again, Ed's fave on the island.  We started our cocktails off at right about 12 Noon with Rum & Coke to honor that wonderful man.  Believe me, one R&C was plenty - as all three of us gal's are beer drinkers!  Thank goodness that TRH has a small outside bar that serves 16 oz. Lite's in the aluminum bottles - we knew that if we were in it for the long haul that day - draft beer was not an option so early in the afternoon.  The outside bartenders name - "Eddie" (I do have a picture of his little information board he had set up - too funny);  So Eddie's little board noted that his favorite saying was "Living The Dream", I just about pee'd myself - If you would ever ask Ed how he was doing, he would always say "Just LTD - Living The Dream".  I was so tickled!  I will try and get that picture up of bartender Eddie's dry erase board, it was so my Ed.

So, after TRH, I think we headed back to the hotel room to throw back a few free beers, do a shot of Jaeger and plan a little afternoon fun at the official Fall Ball location.  As we sat in the room, we continued just talking up a storm, at this point we were laughing, crying, laughing, crying - you get the picture.  We get a cab and head over to Fall Ball.... (but not until Janet gives us each our glow rings & glow gloves for the evening hours of our adventure)  We arrive at Fall Ball and we realize that Barbie is sneaking some bottle beer into this event, we are cracking up, because this event is free for us and you can have all the beer you want (draft yes, but free none the less).  I think we are the only morons to ever sneak beer into an event where you get free beer!   There was live music and just the best general overall vibe of "fun on the Bay".  This was very much like the vibe you would get at Lonz's back in the day (oh, how I miss that place).  Everyone was talking to everyone and just having a blast.   I mean, where else do you just randomly take jello shots from complete strangers - no where, but on PIB, the same rules never apply!  Near the end of the event, Barbie decides to show us some of her stripper-pole moves - on a pole holding up one of the big tents - Not a good idea;  Janet and I tried to talk her out of it - but no, she starts to spin around the pole and one of the volunteers comes running at her, and yelling... NNNNooooooo....  Janet and I just kind of walked away shaking our heads & laughing our asses off - again!  Only Barbie people, only Barbie.  And, that is why I love her.

So, we head back into town and I believe we hit TRH again (where Barbie traded her glow ring for three beers - gotta love her), then Mr. Ed's (how appropriate) for a little while, the Fish Bowl next, nice & quiet and we had the run of the jukebox... that's a rare thing on the Bay, but with the weather being nasty, the island was still pretty quiet on Sat.  I abandoned the girls for a little while and ran over to the Beer Barrel to see Jennifer & Phil, say Hello and listen to a little more Brother Trouble!!!  Man they rock, I just love those boys...  when they make it BIG, it will be very cool.   So, I start heading back to the FB, and realize I snagged poor Jen's jacket - um, drinking for almost 12 hours makes you do strange & random things, I ran that back to her.   Now, I can head back to the Fish Bowl, after a quick stop in the park to finish my sprinkling of ashes, it was pitch black & a little windy, so off he went - forever in the park & forever in the lake he loved!   Janet calls my cell and was like, where are you - I said - look right in front of you and I waved my glow ring at her and we were all hooked up again.

After that, it was around 11:30 p.m., so we headed over to Cameo Pizza to finish our marathon day of partying - and it was a GREAT day.  I was sitting with Janet chit-chatting, while for some strange reason, Barbie was on the other side of the waiting area, and my phone rings?!  I'm like, who the hell is calling me at 11:30 p.m. on a Sat. night - checked the screen, my ex - WTF?!  At least he hung up after one ring & I didn't have to answer it or listen to a voice mail.  I mean, I am o.k. with this guy, but really, I don't need to talk to you that often, it's all good - leave the past in the past man.  I put my phone away and go to grab my pizza to finish it, and it's gone?!  I'm like, what happened to the rest of my pizza - well, turns out, when Barbie is hammered, she is a food stealer, she walked over to Janet & myself and while I was preoccupied, she ate my 'zza - again, only Barbie!

We walked back to our room - and hit the hay!  Both extremely tired & more than a little loaded.  By far, on of my best days ever to honor that man I love so much.

Hangover Sunday - oh my yes!  Not a nightmare hangover, just a mini one thank goodness cause lord knows we had to get back on the Jet and get home to reality.  So, good-bye PIB until next year.  Seeing that Fall Ball was such a blast, one never knows, I may have to see about coming over in April and do the Spring Fling.  I just Love Put-In-Bay.   Ed just Loved Put-In-Bay.  It will always have him now.

Till next time - Peace.

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