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Friday, December 14, 2012

Miley The Wonder Puppy

Well,  Teenagers do some pretty dumb things - their brains work different than adults.  I mean, we can all remember some of the really idiotic things we did back in the day, right.  So, one week ago my darling child decides to rescue a puppy - without my consent mind you.  I was adamant that we would not get another dog and that no dog was welcome in our house.  Within 24 hours of Miss Miley being in our house, you can imagine how fast my mind (and heart) were changed.

Against all common sense, and the reminder by my family that this is insane, I think I am going to keep this little girl.

I mean, common, look at that face!  She will be Miley the PanCAN Wonder Pup and you bet she will be sporting lots of Purple!

Wishing You all the Happiest of Holidays, regardless of what you Celebrate....  As my Sweet Ed and I used to say....... Happy Chrismahannakwanzavis.

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