Always Fighting for the Love of My Life

Edward J. Demyan; Pancreatic Cancer Victim; Supported and written by MaryKaye Mackulin, who loved him.
RIP my sweet man ... 1963 - 2011

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What is beautiful?

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From:   Marykaye Mackulin
Sent:    Wednesday, April 26, 2006 9:09 AM
To:       ED DEMYAN
Subject: Morning Fish

Just wanted to say Good morning handsome. Loved talking last night, and again, no prob getting up, hope the same for you.

xoxoxox mk :)

RE: Morning Fish

Wednesday, April 26, 2006;  9:16 AM
To:      "Marykaye Mackulin"
I just started typing your e-mail address and you beat me to the e-mail again. I love it! Good morning to you also. I had no problem getting up either and was smiling as soon as I awoke. Another beautiful day, beautiful thoughts because of beautiful woman.   Life is GREAT!  You rock my world. (cheesy huh?)  The Carpel Tunnel Suck Fish

This was Ed, he never worried about impressing anyone...   He had a gift of expressing himself so wonderfully and honestly.  He was nothing but pure Goodness from his soul...   His absence is felt every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day...

xoxoxo Baby xoxoxo  me

3/6/2012 Adendum    Shared with me yesterday on Facebook from a friend after I stated how I want Ed to be proud of me if we are fortunate to be together on the otherside...  These are the statements that make me believe in what we had together and that it wasn't just my imagination:

On fb 3/5/2012 from Carole D:
Oh M.K.... please don't ever doubt that he was proud of you....listen to this quote from Ed to me Memorial Day 2011 during our conversation (this was in the garage after the "vasectomy" conversation :)......"just look at her would you, she's the reason, look at that smile it makes me smile, she's beautiful (big grin and a snicker), isn't she something, I love that woman".   Like Nanci said "real love" never dies neither will his words!!!

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