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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Set backs, set backs, set backs

Today - 11/2/2010.......... A day of hope for many politicians, a day of more fear for my household.

Ed has been in tremendous pain for the last 3 weeks, the last 5 days have been down right unbearable. As we went to UH today for pre-admission testing because Monday, 11/8, was "supposed" to be the big surgery day, they did an emergency spinal block for him. He slept this evening for about 2 hrs., the most amount of consecutive sleep he has had in over a week. It has been night-mare'ish to say the least.

So, after blood work, EKG, chest-exrays, pre-admission paper work and the spinal... we finally get to the surgeons office about 1:30 to find out exactly what to expect on Monday... STOP.... Well, Ed had an MRI last week to figure out what was causing his back pain, turns out it "could be", could be, cancer that has metastasized from his pancreatic tumor. W T F MAN. Are you even kidding me. Less than a week from surgery and this is the news we get. So, Ed will have a CT-biopsy on his pelvic bone on Thursday 11/4 and we are hoping that the results will be rushed. Here are the scenarios:

1) Bone lesion is just a degenerative area, not cancer - Surgery to go forward, which will include removal of pancreas and most probably, spleen/gallbladder/partial duodenal bypass,and some stomach; 7-14 days in hospital; about 3 more weeks recovery at home, this assuming there are no complications. This surgery has a 20-50% complication rate ranging from very minor to highly serious. You can google pancreas removal (pancreaectomy) and see all kinds of fun stuff.

2) Bone lesion is Cancer - No surgery; ever; just try and manage it with chemo and enjoy life the best you can.

So, we are back in a wait & see pattern for the next few days. On the plus side, he should finally be able to get some much needed rest. It has been HELL to say the least.

And Finally, on our way home from UH I get a phone call from my Aunt - my Mom was admitted to Fairview Hospital today with an irregular heart beat, all clammy and just a "something is very wrong" kinda feeling. She had a CT scann on her aeorta (sp?) and is resting; Not a heart-attack; but not sure if something screwy is going on with her pace-maker?! Good Times. Glad I drink beer!

Well, that is it in a nut shell..... Will let you all know what is going on as soon as we know what is going on!

Ed says - hey, if I don't have surgery - I get to play out with Newport on 11/13 at the Winchester... The Show Must Go On!

Wishing you all good health - more than you could possibly imagine.

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  1. I have been following your updates and cannot imagine what you Both are going throug!!! Terry and I talk about this all the time, we were friends with Ed's brother god rest his soul and life seems so unfair at times. Terry and I have had our scares through the years and have come through stronger than ever, always remember you cannot run from prayer, and you both are getting prayers from all the people that care and wish you ther very best. I am glad to hear the Ed is getting some relief from his pain, that is the worst curse anyone can have! You will be in our thoughts and prayers as always and thank you ! Really THANK YOU for being so open and posting Eds updates, it helps us all who have had the demon of CANCER touch our lifes!

    Tina ( Frederick ) Chicwak


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