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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Radiation to begin...

Well, Ed went and got his first markings on his stomach today to get ready for External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT)... Here is the definition of that:

External beam radiation therapy focuses a beam of radiation from outside the body onto the cancerous internal organ and/or tissue within the body. When treating pancreatic cancer, EBRT uses a high-energy X-ray machine called a linear accelerator to direct the radiation beams at the cancerous pancreatic tumor. These radiotherapy treatments generally last a few minutes at a time and are usually administered five days a week, over the course of six to eight weeks.

Specific advantages of external beam radiation therapy include the following:
EBRT is an outpatient procedure. This technique does not carry the standard risks or complications associated with major surgery for pancreatic cancer, which can include surgical bleeding, post-operative pain, or the risk of stroke, heart attack or blood clot.
The procedure itself is painless.
EBRT poses no risk of radioactivity to you or others with whom you have contact. Thus, as you undergo EBRT, you may continue normal activities with family and friends.

He didn't get his permanent circle-tatoo on his stomach yet, that will probably happen Mon. or Tues. of next week. The Radiation Oncologist noted that he will have 28 treatments (Mon-Frid) so about 6 weeks just like in the explanation above. He will have increased nausea, be very tired, change in appetite, will have to start taking digestive enzymes and possibly hormones of some-sort... Basically, same side effects of chemo, which he will also start again on a weekly basis either this week or next. I could not be there with him this morning and I was sad that I couldn't ask my bagillion questions. I have a feeling this will be a tough six weeks to get through... That is why we had the big celebration at the Lagoon this past weekend... We set a record at the bar (9 adults/8 kids on one tab)... It was a GREAT weekend! Be patient with us during this time if we seem to blow you off or not meet expected obligations, it will literally be one-day-at-a-time.

Love to you all...... MK & Ed

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