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Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Is Over?! Nooooo

Hi Peeps, 

I just cannot believe that June is history after today, I mean, really - that flew by :(    It was a great month!  Ed's pain remained in control the entire month of June, we attended the 2 night LOPen event, we hit the cottage for one weekend, we had our outstanding PurpleStride event, we had Lauren-Fest '11, we got to spend some time with my out-of-town relatives, Ed had an out-of-town cousin visit him as well, summer school has been a success (so far), my sweet man gave me an awesome birthday gift of a trip to The Wilds (; we are going for a two day, 1night stay in August - I am so excited to sleep in the Yurt, I mean, it was a very good month!  Plus, Yurt is my new favorite word ever.  I'm thinking, prior to going to The Wilds, we may pop over to PIB for a Wed. & Thursd. night, or possibly head to C-Bus for a night or two...  Doing that OH...   IO   vacation thing.  Anyway you slice it - it should be a nice mini-road trip around Buckeye Land :)   Also for my Birthday, my darling daughter got me a new James Patterson novel, I will dive into that this weekend - yeah!  Got lots of great cards & well wishes & spent a nice evening with my Mom, Ed, and Aunts & Uncles & Kimmy- you really just gotta love a night like that.

We will be heading back to the cottage this weekend, then we will have the Furda's annual 4th of July celebration on Sund. (and possibly Mond. - ha)!  I am stunned that this is the 6th year I have celebrated this holiday with Ed and our friends - man did that time FLY by!  Ed is all excited about fishing this weekend because it is now legal to eat bass  - um, Oh Joy (said in monotone/slightly sarcastic voice)?!?!  Not a big fan of bass, but if he catches one worth eating & wants to clean it - I'll eat it.  That's Love people.

A dear friend of mine lost her Uncle this week to lung cancer, I am sad for their family.  But, it was one of those strange things that sometimes happens - it was truly a sad occasion, but one of Ed's former football coaches (and he was my 7th grade earth science teacher) was at the wake.  Mr. Mikes looked at Ed for a few minutes and said "Eddie, right?"  I mean, come-one, we've been out of school for 30 years people - that just goes to show you what kind of impression Ed makes on the people he meets and how special that team was.  Anyway, Ed and Mr. Mikes must have talked for 45 minutes or so about that '80/'81 football season, Ed was beaming....  It was a pleasure just to stand there and watch the interaction, truly.  He was like a teenage boy again.  So, as sad as the reason for being there was, we had that small silver lining that I have talked about previously.  Now, Ed may try and get the "team" together and re-create a "Momma Mikes Dinner" reunion.  I think this is a fabulous idea and would be greatly enjoyed by all the guys.

Ed had a good month, we are trying to fatten him up, as he is still around the 165 mark, but... it is what it is!  He feels really well overall, and that made for one heck of a month!  Here's hoping that July will bring us much of the same...

Peace & Happy Summer Everyone!
MK & Ed

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